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Fresh Planet Café is a Quick Service Restaurant that brings 100% healthy and 100% delicious foods to a mainstream setting.

Company History

We have been in business since 2002 and are currently operating corporate and affiliate locations in Cleveland, Ohio, and Ft. Myers, Florida. Our Ohio stores are branded as "Liquid Planet" as opposed to "Fresh Planet" for trademark reasons, but the concept and menu is identical. Having created the successful Fresh Planet quick service restaurant model and having fine-tuned it through our experience over the years, and after receiving many inquiries from prospective franchisees, we have been offering franchises since 2010.

Fresh Planet Menu

Our menu features a variety of healthy and delicious foods. Anyone can walk into a Fresh Planet Café and find something to eat for any meal of the day that is both appealing and nutritious. Parents like introducing their children to healthy eating habits with foods and beverages that are wholesome versions of items with which the kids are already familiar, such as smoothies made with 100% fruit and frozen yogurt, never any syrups, ice, or sugar. The smoothie habit has definitely caught on in a big way with teenagers, and more and more of them all the time are realizing the benefits of getting their recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables . . . in a good-tasting way! Adults who know the value of whole grains and fiber, and healthy sandwiches and entrees without trans fats and corn syrup can find a diverse selection on the menu at a Fresh Planet, featuring all-American favorites and items from popular national cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Thai, Greek, and Chinese dishes. Our locations serve 36 different types of Smoothies, 33 types of Stuffed Toasted Pita Combos, 6 Rice Bowls, and 10 types of Salads, plus a variety of sides, drinks, and small dessert items.

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Meet the Team

Mick Cochrane, President
Mick is the founder and creator of the Fresh Planet concept. Mick established the first Liquid Planet location in Cleveland in 2001 and previously had years of experience in a variety of food service and hospitality industries.

Tracey Williams
, Operations Director
Tracey is the Operations Director for Fresh Planet and oversees the operations of the corporate locations in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kelcey Lehrich, Franchise Development Director
Kelcey works with all of our franchise applicants and consults with them on every aspect of opening their Fresh Planet Café from financing to site selection.

Patti Johnson, Training Director
Patti has been involved in the day-to-day operations of Fresh Planet since our first store opened nine years ago. Patti serves as the executive manager of two of our corporate locations and works with all of our franchisees during their training program.

Sam Williams, Store Development Director
Sam works with all of our franchisees during the new store opening and store construction process.

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