Fresh Planet Exterior


Why Us? Why You?

We don't have franchise sales people at Fresh Planet; we have franchise recruiters. We are looking to grow our organization by partnering with top-notch candidates in prime markets. We turn down a lot of applicants, not because they don't have the funds or desire to be a part of our family, but because there wasn't a good culture fit. We want our franchisees to really live out the Fresh Planet brand in their lifestyle and in their communities. We feel that a strong belief in the Fresh Planet nutritional ideal and the benefits in health and energy to those looking to live a fuller life will significantly show in the operations of the Fresh Planet franchise and directly contribute to the success of the entire Fresh Planet family – the franchise as a whole, our individual franchisees, our employees, and most of all, our communities.

The Fresh Planet Brand

It is our belief that Americans are looking for healthier, more nutritious dini ng options. The Fresh Planet Café concept brings those healthier eating options. We are looking to recruit franchise candidates who have a strong desire for community involvement and for healthy living. Fresh Planet Café franchisees need to share our vision for supporting local communities with great food and a great café to spend time in.

Support Systems

Our franchisees have access to a robust set of support systems, even beyond the training and continuing support from our Fresh Planet team members. We utilize a customized accounting software program that allows franchisees to compare their performance against regional and national averages so that any of their figures that are out of line are immediately called to attention and a solution can be determined. Our home office also continually supplies our franchisees with new recipes, promotional ideas, marketing materials, website presence, and much more.


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