Fresh Planet Exterior

Steps to Own

  1. Contact Us: click here to contact us now.

  2. Opportunity Overview: We'll invite you to a 15-20 minute Internet presentation on our opportunity.

  3. Application: We ask all candidates to complete a short application to ensure there is a good fit.

  4. FDD: We will then release our Franchise Disclosure Document to you.

  5. Business Plan: With the information provided in the FDD you will be able to draft a business plan that works for you.

  6. Discovery Day: Discovery Day is a daylong visit with our home office staff in our Cleveland stores so that we may both get to know each other and discuss our mutual goals.

  7. Sign Franchise Agreement: If there is a mutual fit we'll sign a franchise agreement and schedule training!

  8. Site Selection: We assist all franchisees with site selection and lease negotiation.

  9. Training: We provide 14 days of corporate training plus 14 days of on site training.

  10. Construction: We will help you review quotes for architects and contractors and help you make the best choices based on our experience.




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